As the sole United Nations alumni organization of its kind and as an Official United Nations Peace Messenger, dedicated to the mission of promoting the Charter principles and purposes for a better world, The World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF) is engaged in a wide range of activities in varied disciplines. This is done first of all by cultivating, growing, and nourishing the United Nations internes and fellows to sustain their interest in and vivify their commitment to the Alma Mater. Then, weaving these emerging internationalists into a community of future leadership, their talents are used to advance the noble causes of the United Nations to help the world. These fundamental tasks alone plunge WAFUNIF profoundly into the abyssal depths of global affairs. As the former participants become more proficient in their professions, and the newer ones get more experienced in their pursuits, the pool of purposeful resources enlarges, for its rightful deployment. Members, young and old as hailing from varied backgrounds and possessing different attributes, have been brought together in a familial atmosphere. Accomplished and knowledgeable as well as vibrant and energetic, they work jointly as teams in their respective fields of endeavor to contribute to the ideals of the Charter, thereby making the world richer for the human entirety. During more than three decades of its existence, WAFUNIF has developed and carried out the most comprehensive programs and projects in international affairs, side by side the United Nations. Addressing the most pressing international issues and global problems, it chalked out policies and plans for their solution, thereby opening up ways for their execution. As a result, WAFUNIF’s interventions have in general been received with ovation and respect, often having the real impact on the implemental processes. They have not only infused the value of the Charter principles in the consciousness of the people, young and old alike, but have also shown the effectiveness of United Nations potentialities in real life.


La Fundación Al Nahda y WAHUNIF acuerdan la colaboración mutua en la puesta en marcha de programas en servicio de la dignidad humana y por un mundo mejor.